by Dilan & Emma

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The Marions

We are husband & wife wedding photographers who specialize in loving people & getting to capture some incredible memories for them. We live in the coziest little bungalow nestled in the great midwest. We have two sweet cats & a wildflower pup who keeps us loved + constantly entertained. We love spending our mornings on our small, plant covered porch, drinking coffee & taking things as slow as we can. We love so many things, but most importantly we love spending time together. Whether we are snuggled up on our couch with all our babies or we are flying to our next adventure, life is so much better together.

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  1. Bob Dylan

  2. collecting music

  3. making coffee

  4. The Office

  5. emma mae

  6. traveling to new places

  7. cooking & trying new foods

  8. cinema

  9. unsolved mysteries

  10. podcasts all day


Ten of our favorite things

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  1. gardening + flowers

  2. 90's love songs

  3. warm cups of coffee

  4. painting & crafting

  5. dilan cole

  6. Sufjan Stevens

  7. walks with Oona

  8. couch snuggles

  9. french fries & chocolate coke floats

  10. the redwoods

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we believe

we believe in the messy moments. wind blown hair, all the tears + belly laughs and selfless love. we know that your favorite memories aren't the ones where you are standing still smiling at a camera. your favorite memories are the ones were you laugh til you cry, where you run into the arms of the one you love. It's where you dance and forget the world around you. When you realize that love makes this world so beautiful. These are the moments that will bring you back and that is what we are all about.

As your photographers, we'll make sure you have all these memories + a few of those important formal ones too. We'll have the best time gushing over your story, hiking to a beautiful spot for your engagement session, & planning the best day ever with you. Whether that's here in Missouri or all the way across the world.


we believe that love is our greatest adventure

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