Dilan & Emma Marion 

Meet Dilan & Emma!

We are a husband & wife photography team. 

Emma is the lead photographer for The Marions & works with clients to capture their amazing love stories. Dilan works behind the scenes & assists with the overall process of our business! Together we make an awesome team & are passionate about the work we do! 


We are Christ followers, visual storytellers, travelers, best friends, artists, wilderness lovers, adventure seekers, and so many other things, but in this dream we get to call our jobs, we are professional fine art wedding photographers. Our specialty is in love stories, chasing amazing love stories of couples around the world. Love is everything to us, the very reason for our existence and we are so incredibly passionate about it.  As photographers and Christ followers, we believe that this passion is a gift to us and that we are called to share it with others. Our work is not only to capture the beauty of love, but it is to love others in return the way Jesus loved others. 1st John 4:19 WE LOVE BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US. This is our purpose in life, to love others sincerely and to invest in our clients. Not as just as business partners, but as lifelong friends. John 13:34 LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. The most important things in life aren't things. They are the ones you loved & the memories you make. 

As we pursue our dreams & live our lives, we've realize the importance of investing in the lives of our clients. This being said, we take a limited number of clients each year so that we can focus on investing in their lives, not just for their wedding day, but as their love story unfolds later down the road, when they buy their first home, start a family and all those amazing joys & milestones of their sweet life together.

We want to be apart of your story.

A Few of Our Favorites

SHOWS:  The Office, Seinfeld, Full House, Legion, Parks & Rec, & Arrest Development 

MUSIC: Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Justin Vernon, Saintseneca, The Cranberries, The Basement Tapes, Sufjan Stevens, Father John Misty  (just to name a few)

ADVENTURES: flying somewhere new, exploring Oregon, hiking, weekend getaways, location scouting, antiquing, coffee shops, staying home

OUR MORNING ROUTINE: Waking up between two snuggly cats & drinking coffee while rewatching episodes of The Office

HOBBIES: painting, collecting vinyl, gardening, smelling flowers, collecting vintage film cameras, date nights with friends

EMMA // hopeless romantic & sentimental weirdo, plant lady, artist, homebody, introvert, animal lover, happy vegetarian, loyal & Dilan obsessed (duh) 

DILAN // music lover (you should see his music library), outdoor explorer, coffee connoisseur, expert map drawer & artist, Boy Dylan inspired, the bestest friend

We are based in Southeast Missouri & have the biggest hearts for travel. We love exploring our homeland & flying across country to explore a new terrain while capturing love along the way! We both are in love with the great outdoors and love meeting people who share that passion! 

D+Ec 126.jpg
Thanks so much to our awesome friend Colby for flying to Oregon to capture us & our love. You da best! 

- Meet Our Cats -

Wendy // She's a total (independent) princess & knows it.  

Our sweet 6 year old, longhaired calico princess.


sleeping by dad's head at night | playing with pieces of random paper that fell on the floor | snuggler on the sly | scratching anything & everything, especially furniture | the softest meows | people watching | being beautiful and knowing it.

Sampson ( also known as Sampy) // He's a total snuggly momma's boy. 

Our sweet 8 year old, shorthaired, green eyed baby boy.


staring at mom | sleeping on mom's side of the bed | caring around his plaid "baby" in his mouth | scratching his scratching posts (even though he doesn't have claws) | being a social butterfly | being  held | being mom's spirit animal.

Yep, we're THOSE people! We love animals and you'll probably meet these two sweet kitties on our Skype call if you work with us! Sampy and Wendy are a huge part of our lives and they are our family (duh)! We love fur babies and want to meet yours and will ALWAYS encourage bringing your dogs along on your engagement session (or your cats if they are the adventurous type!). 

xo, The Marions