Your wedding day has come and gone, all that planning & preparing is over. Your cake was eaten, your dress was danced in, your vows were read, and now the reality of it all is starting to really sink in. 


Now it's when the fun really starts! Welcome to your first year of marriage!!


So what's next? 

Living that awesome married life! Your first year of marriage is and will be one of the most beautiful years of your life. Everything is new and has a reason to celebrate. Your first year of marriage is filled with tons of firsts and tons of memories to be made. Memories that you won't want to forget, memories that need to be celebrated and photographed so that one day, when you're old and grey, you'll be able to look back and remember how incredibly in love you were. 

Your first year often includes your first holiday season, buying your first house, or living in your first rent home, & celebrating your first wedding anniversary!  We are so excited to now offer a Newlyweds package & Individual Sessions! 

The Newlywed Package makes an AMAZING wedding gift!


Newlywed Package 


$ 800 // First Year of Marriage

Newlywed In Home Session |  First Holiday Session | One Year Anniversary Session


Individual Sessions

- Holiday Session // $300 - 1 Hour Session

- In Home Session // $350 - 1.5 Hour Session

- Anniversary Session // $300 - 1 Hour Session

Because we LOVE our clients & appreciate loyalty,

Our wedding clients will get $200 OFF the Newlywed Package for their first year of marriage! After the first year, our wedding clients will get $50 OFF each session booked! When you refer a client who books their wedding with us (let us know you're sending them our way!), you'll get one free one hour session of your choice on us! If you couldn't tell, we love you guys & appreciate you more than you know!  Want more info? Send us a message to learn more about our loyalty program.