- Kind Words from Our Clients -

Mary Anderson
Incredible ... there is no way I could ever explain how thankful we are for Emma! I fell in love with her creativity and work 2 years ago when she shot my sister’s wedding. choosing her as our wedding photographer was the easiest decision we made in the planning process (how could it not be, have you seen her work?!). After three photo shoots with her for my own wedding, I fell in love with her as a person. She’s one of kind, and we could not be more thankful that she was our photographer. A photographer controls 90% of the flow of events on the wedding day. Emma has mastered this. Not once did we feel rushed. She even set aside time for us to relax before the ceremony. I’ve figured out what makes Emma and her work unique and special: she loves LOVE. She genuinely adores seeing love in the world around her, and in the couples she photographs... and this shows, and makes a grand of difference! My (now) husband and I felt comfortable around her from the first picture she snapped. Around her, we could be ourselves 100%. This, in turn, makes her photos fill up with pure and unbiased emotion. Emma is an artistic genius, a phenomenal human being, and a beautiful soul. Her and her work have a special place in my and my family’s hearts because of the countless moments she’s captured throughout the past two years. She’s no longer just my photographer, but a friend. Thank you from he bottom of our hearts, Emma!
— Mary Anderson | Saint Genevieve, Missouri

Complete awe is the only way to describe what I feel getting my photos back from Dilan and Emma. The style and execution of these works of art are more than one little heart can handle. I feel in love with the work almost 2 years ago, managed a beautiful engagement session in St Louis MO and then these beautiful souls came up to St Paul MN to make my wedding dreams come true. I can’t imagine having any other wonderful people with me to make these photos of a lifetime come true. Emma and her husband are such sweet souls who do just about anything to make your day magical. I will continue to recommend them from no until I can’t. They are our photographers for life and amazing friends from the beginning.
— Kaley Dickie | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Emma and Dilan are THE BEST! They are absolutely amazing at what they do and they are the best people to work with. I am truly blessed that fate led them to un out here in Oregon. Not only are my photos absolutely stunning, she captured everything that was important to us. She made it so incredibly easy to be ourselves and she captured all of the love that I felt o my wedding day. They were kind to everyone and truly are wonderful humans. SO many people have reached out to me to tell me how much they have loved the photos that she took, even ones I’m not friends with on Facebook have seen my profile picture! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU both so much for sharing your time and talent with us. We love you!!!!!

Side Note: I just ordered my wedding album and you guys made it SO difficult because I had too many beautiful photos to choose from.
ANOTHER side note: if you have time for sunset photos, DO THEM! You won’t regret it!
— Tori Bazurto | Scio, Oregon

There are just no words to describe truly how amazing Dilan & Emma are!!! The moments they captured on our wedding day are beyond amazing. They captured all the moments for our day and went above and beyond!!! They are the most genuine beings imaginable with he most beautiful hearts!!! I want to shout it from the mountain tops!!! We were SO lucky to have them, they are truly the best and one of a kind!!!! It was definitely fate that led us together and I am beyond thankful for all their hard work and the beautiful moments they captured for us for the rest of our lives!!!! Thank you from my whole heart to the most amazing souls!!!
— Taylor Solberg | Norway Lake, Minnesota

This is such an amazing family. I don’t want to call them a company, because I don’t think that word describes who they are. They are a God loving, amazing, beautiful family of 2, who will give you the most amazing photos you could ask for. The reason I say they are not a “company” is because they welcome whom ever they shoot for with open arms and treat you like you are their family. I never once felt it was the first time meeting them. They traveled to my home town, hours away, for a very reasonable price. If you are looking for someone to get to know you, and include that in all the beautiful pictures they take - you are in the right place! Not to mention the turn around time for pictures is very quick! I will use Marion Photography for EVERY EVENT I ever need pictures for.
— Laiken Pruitt | Murray, Kentucky