• "Are you professional photographers?" 

Yes!! We have years of experience behind the camera & proudly use professional grade equipment & software. Our quality of work is top notch & so is the equipment we use!


  • "With my package, am I guaranteed to have both Dilan & Emma work my wedding? Do I get two photographers?"

No. Although, Dilan and Emma both own the business & contribute to Marion Photography, Emma is the lead photographer for all weddings and shoots them alone. You may request a second shooter for an additional cost of $500.00.  

{ Eventually as we grow as our business, our dream is that we might one day both be able to ONLY do photography as our source of income allowing us to work weddings together. Until that day, we continue to work hard at what we do, loving others and pursuing that dream.  Thank you so much for making our dream a possibility. We couldn't do it with out you! }  

  • "Do you have a Studio?"

No! We are Natural Light photographers who are in love with the beauty of the great outdoors. All of our work has a 'natural' feel to it that is created authentically by moments rather than poses. Occasional Sessions can be done inside, but mostly you'll find us out exploring, hiking, and having adventures with our clients outside!


  • "Can you Photoshop me to look a certain way?"

No, all of our work is based off natural beauty and authenticity. When you look back at your photos, we want you to remember where you were in your life and be proud of the person God created you to be. We DO NOT use excessive editing that distorts how you look in real life. Of course we'll clear up skin, cuts, and things of that nature, but our editing style is natural, authentic & real.


  • "Can I re-edit the images you give me?" 

No! We are fine art photographers, meaning that our work is our art! When you choose us as photographers, you are choosing us based on our work! If you don't like our styles, we will be happy to guide you to other local photographers who might be a better fit for you based on your personal taste. 


  • "How do we get our images?"

We are in love with the high quality of digital downloads! You will have your own personal gallery that will allow you to download all of your high quality photos straight to your computer, along with being able to print from a professional photography printing company.


  • "Do we get to have the printing rights?"

Yes! We currently offer flat rates for our work that include a print rights release! We believe that the moments we capture are YOUR memories. They belong to you. Our prices include that printing right at a very affordable cost. Printing Rights & Copy Rights are two very different things. The Copy Right is the ownership of the image, and that always stays with the photographer. 

  • "Can I buy the Copy Rights?" 

Yes, upon request we sell the Copy Rights to our Clients, but at a costly rate. 


  • "Do you use our photos for advertisement?"

Yes, we often use our work in our advertisement of all forms. We are proud of what we create and love to share it with the world. 


  • "Can you make our pictures look like another photographers work?"

No! Although we may draw inspiration from pose & ideas, our work is unique to us! We are artists! When you choose us to capture your moments, your choosing our work, our style, our personalities that go into these images. If you are wanting your images to look like another photographers work, we may not be the best fit for you! 


  • "Are you open to new ideas?"

Yes! We love getting creative in a tasteful way! 


  • " How long will it take you to get our images to us? " 

Our Turn Around time for Engagement Sessions is 2-4 weeks & Weddings take 8-10 weeks! We try our best to get your images to you in a timely manner because we know how important they are, not to mention we are excited to work on them and present them to you!


  • " If we have a smaller budget, can we still book with you? "

YES!!  We definitely understand budgets & we are more than willing to work with you to create a package based on your needs and budget! Please fill us in on what you're wanting and let us know the budget you have to work with! We would love to customize something just for you!


  • "Do you Travel & What are your travel fees?" 

YES! We travel for about half of our weddings! Because we love traveling across country to capture love stories, we include 2 professional photographers for all destination weddings. Travel fees are included in our Destination Packages to make it easy for our clients ( 2 round trip flights, 2 nights of lodging, gas, food, & rental)


  • "How far in advance should I book my wedding?" 

The sooner the better! Wedding Photographers are usually one of the first vendors chosen for a wedding day. We currently book up to 1.5 year in advance and highly recommend getting in touch as soon as you know your date! Booking early guarantees your date with us! Putting together your wedding on short notice? Sometimes we have random openings throughout the year, so feel free to go ahead and fill out that submission form! Fingers crossed we are open! 


  • "What times of the year do you typically shoot weddings?"

My wedding season ranges from February through the first week of December. My favorite time for weddings is in September through November because of all of the beautiful colors and cooler weather! Because family is a priority in our lives, we no longer shoot weddings the second week in December -January, nor do we shoot on holidays. 


  • "Will my wedding be blogged or put on Social Media?"

Because of the huge number of weddings we do a year, we cannot guarantee that anyone's session/wedding will be posted on our social media sites or website (as much as we would LOVE to share everything we do)! 


  • "How do I book you?"

To officially book us for your wedding date, we'll need you to fill out the submission form under the Book Now feature on our website. From there, we will send you an email within 48 hours going over our booking process! To officially be booked, you'll have to sign a contract with us & pay your first payment of 40% down to reserve your date!