Lauren & Kole's Sweet Courthouse Elopement


These darlings decided to have courthouse elopement on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Saint Louis with only their closest friends and family as witness to their love. We loved being able to be a part and capture such a special day for them!

Mr & Mrs Knott-1-18.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-9.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-17.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-225.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-22.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-217.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-25.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-227.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-34.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-89.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-128.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-308.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-99.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-159.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-362.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-132.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-147.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-172.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-181.jpg
Mr & Mrs Knott-1-348.jpg

Congratulation you two!

xo, Emma & Dilan