Caleb & Hillary's Cozy In Home Session

Hillary & Caleb-1-8.jpg

One beautiful rainy spring day in Southeast Missouri, Hillary & Caleb invited me over to have coffee and to capture them in their natural habitat, their adorable little home in Cape Girardeau. We talked about good coffee, their obsession with Disney, music and how these two met. I adore getting to know people on a more personal level, and this was definitely a beautiful way to do it. Hillary & Caleb are one of the most loving couples I have ever met and I'm so glad that I've been blessed to get to know them better. They are not only incredible artists, but they are amazing friends! I can't wait for a double date soon!

Here is a look into how freaking ADORABLE they are. 

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We love getting to do In Home sessions with couples because we strongly feel that there is so much more to your story than the day you say your I Dos. Celebrate each milestone in your story by documenting them so that way you can look back to reflect on how beautiful your life's journey has been. The best moments are ever so fleeting.

xo, Emma Marion

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