Rustic Romance

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A Romantic Missouri Barn Wedding

Hillary & David's incredible Missouri winter wedding was one that dreams are made of. This incredible couple wed at one of Missouri's beautiful barn wedding venues, The Mighty Oak Lodge located in Lebanon Missouri. The venue was adorned with beautiful warm hues from the natural wood to the gorgeous sunlight spilling out of the large windows all around the barn. Vintage wood chairs, a garland lit chandelier and dreamy drapery truly added a magical touch to Hillary & David's day. This venue set the perfect stage for Hillary & David's big day.

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Hillary & David said their "I Do"s in front of everyone they loved and then they danced the night away, ending the night with lighting lanterns and sending their love out for all of Missouri to see.



A few of our favorites from this day:

Hillary's BEAUTIFUL heart | the subtle touch of vintage class to this barn wedding | warm hues | lush sun drenched venue | ALL THOSE TWINKLE LIGHTS | sunset with the new Mr & Mrs | those vintage chairs | can we talk about that fur wrap (OMG so GORG) | how calm Hillary & David were the whole day - taking every moment for what it was | releasing lanterns like a Disney fairytale | Hillary's sweet dance moves | Hillary & David's chemistry | those gorgeous florals & deep reds | how much love was overflowing from everyone that day


So, if you're into beautiful love stories, packed with drool worthy details, breathtaking venues and the most beautiful couple ever - You might LOVE this post! Grab yourself a cup of coffee & enjoy!

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Hillary's details were details of love & great sentiment. (OMG, how awesome is this?!) 

:  vintage flower from her great grandmother's wedding bouquet (127 yrs old!)
BORROWED:  lace hankie from other her great grandmother's wedding
BLUE: earring on bouquet from her (dad's side) grandma

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Blown away by this REAL love story? Yeah, so are we! We were beyond honored to be a part of Hillary & David's wedding day and celebrate with them along side their closest friends & family. We wish the couple ALL the happiness as they begin their lives together as Mr & Mrs!

Congrats Mr & Mrs Crain!

xo, Emma & Dilan Marion