Montana & Devin // Missouri Engagement Session

Montana & Devin 

Montana & Devin-1-30.jpg

How They Met:

Devin and Montana grew up in the same small town in Southeast Missouri and started their sweet relationship during Montana's junior year in high school and Devin's sophomore year in college.

How Devin Proposed: 

 Devin proposed to Montana surrounded by all of their family.  He surprised Montana with a brand new car and ring! (what a combo!!) The license plate of the car said "Marry Me?" and she very excitedly said YES!!!  Now they're are planning the most beautiful October wedding!

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We had so much fun during Montana & Devin's engagement session! Their session was FULL of laughter and fun as we walked around capturing how beautiful their love is. These two are the sweetest souls and I can't wait for October!! 

xo, Emma & Dilan